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28 July 2012 @ 05:02 pm
Famous Me's Backstage Panic Attack Box:  

Required items:

- toiletpaper

- a map of the town I'm in

- Dafalgan Codeïne (which are prescription in most parts of the world, so whomever is saddled with this job, will have to run to some creepy corners to barter it off someone shady)

- really big, really fluffy and warm and freshly washed and dried and warm and fluffy and huge towels

- a local pastry (not a local delicacies, because I won't want to be stuck with rotten eggs, or rotten tinned fish, or - worst of all - rotten whole bird) (Seriously: a whole bloody bird? Who invents these things?)

- a comfy chair to lounge in

Also, if it were like a trailer, I'd like one with windows that can actually open properly, to the outside. Not those creepy things you can only tilt a couple of inches or the sliding versions a badger couldn't dig its way through.

Did I mention the towels?

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